SPbU 1724 — 2022

Ivan Pavlov received the Nobel Prize


Ivan Pavlov, a graduate of the Natural Science Department of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics at the University, was the first Russian scientist to receive the Nobel Prize.

The prize was awarded in 1904 for achievements in physiology and medicine. Ivan Pavlov's works are the foundation of all current ideas about the digestive organs, the mechanisms of their regulation, and how these mechanisms can be disrupted.

In 1913, the Academic Council of St Petersburg University awarded Ivan Pavlov the title of Honorary Professor. In this regard, Professor Pavlov wrote: ‘The honorary distinction awarded to me is really touching because it is from my Alma Mater, with which I share the deepest scientific impressions that have determined the meaning and character of my life. Please accept my deepest respect and true devotion. Ivan Pavlov.’