SPbU 1724 — 2022

The University students and staff go to the front


For the University and Russia, the Great Patriotic War became a severe test of physical, intellectual and moral strength. In the very first days of the war, hundreds of the University students and staff went to the front. At the end of June, volunteers began to form the people's militia.

More than 2,500 University undergraduate and postgraduate students, and academic and administrative staff fought on the fronts. Yet the University continued to conduct research to fulfil the defence orders. The staff and students of Leningrad State University were on duty in the local air defence teams and built defensive fortifications on the outskirts of Leningrad. The University continued the teaching and learning process, although the number of students decreased several times.

In March 1942, Leningrad State University was evacuated to Saratov. The University returned from the evacuation in June 1944.