Vladimir Nabokov and Anton Chekhov

24 May 2022
Time: 18:00
Vladimir Nabokov Museum (47 Bolshaya Morskaya Street)

Alla Stepanova’s lecture "Vladimir Nabokov and Anton Chekhov".

Anton Chekhov was one of VNabokov’s favourite authors. You can find out the reasons for that in Nabokov’s lectures on Russian literature. Had it not been for his early death, Anton Chekhov might have read the works of the budding writer Nabokov, and we might have had the maître’s comments on his younger contemporary. Who knows what Chekhov would have said about Nabokov? Despite all the differences in their talents, what is it there that brings them together? And can the question of Chekhov’s influence on Nabokov be posed?

The event will take place as part of the celebration of the Day of Slavonic Literature and Culture.