SPbU have conducted Russian as a foreign language testing in Italy

The exam was held at the University of Siena, where the representative office of St Petersburg University is based. The number of people interested in testing Russian language knowledge has doubled this year compared to 2019 (44 people passed the exam).

The popularity of testing in the Russian language has grown by 30%

Russian language learners took the exam at all levels from A1 (elementary) to C1/ TRFL-III (proficiency user), which allows foreign citizen to conduct professional activities in Russian as a translator, editor, journalist, and diplomat. Proficiency level (C1-C2) exercises are designed for philologists and teachers, therefore these tests are not especially easy to pass even for native Russian speakers. St Petersburg University is expanding TORFL content to make it more comprehensible for both those who plan to study Russian for work and those who want to improve their level of Russian.

People choose the Russian language with their hearts.

Dmitry Ptyushkin, Director of the Language Testing Centre at St Petersburg University

“None of those who registered for the Test of Russian as a foreign language (TORFL) refused to take the exam. There is a great interest in TORFL abroad, this motivates us to enter new markets, promote and popularize the Russian language,” said Dmitry Ptyushkin. “In the nearest future it is planned to introduce Russian language courses to Paraguay citizens. Negotiations with colleagues from Laos and Nicaragua are also underway. In addition, we are working on launching a new Russian language project for hospitality industry specialists in Tanzania.”

TORFL is not tied to any specific date. Each TORFL-taker can take the exam at any convenient time. However, according to statistics, a few months before the end and a few months after the beginning of the academic year has become the most popular for taking the exam. The exam usually takes place on two separate days and consists of 4 subtests: Writing; Vocabulary/Grammar; Reading; Listening and Speaking. When compiling exercises St Petersburg University specialists rely on international and Russian standards and requirements, add to the tests materials interesting exercises prepared by foreign colleagues, international examination setters. For those who have successfully passed the TORFL, the certificate of language proficiency provides additional points for admission to St Petersburg University.