Ingrid Carlberg, a Swedish writer, historian and journalist, visited St. Petersburg State University in the course of her work on a book about Alfred Nobel.

 On January 25, Ingrid Carlberg met with the Director of the Institute for History at St. Petersburg State University Abdulla Daudov, as well as with the researchers studying the culture and life in St. Petersburg of the 19th century.

 The guest from Scandinavia came to the northern capital to work on her book about Alfred Nobel, a scientist and engineer. The book is to be published by one of Sweden's largest publishers, Norstedts forläg. The project has already been highly praised by the Nobel Foundation. The organisation has asked the representatives of various archives to provide whatever assistance the journalist might need in her research.

 "I am interested not only in Alfred Nobel as an individual, but also in the context – in the history of Russia of the 19th century. I would like to know everything about his life in St. Petersburg," – the writer has thus outlined her area of interest.

 She has noted that the research for the book report writing is being conducted in five countries. "I hope you could tell me where exactly, in which Russian archives, I could get the information about Nobel's family," Ingrid Carlberg has asked Abdulla Daudov.

 The Director of the Institute for History at SPbU shared his professional expertise with the colleague from Sweden and invited leading experts in the history of St. Petersburg, associate professors Tatiana Burkova and Elena Lelina, to meet with the journalist. Not only did they answer the writer's questions, but also promised to help her with the analysis of some documents.

 The meeting concluded with a tour around the Museum of St. Petersburg State University and the Twelve Colleges building. "I am grateful for your kindness and assistance. I hope that our cooperation will continue and, perhaps, my new book will be released next year," said Ingrid Carlberg.

 The writer gave the University her book about a Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg.


 Ingrid Carlberg is a Swedish author and journalist. She has an honorary doctorate at Uppsala University. Carlberg worked at the Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter from 1990 to 2010. She also taught a course at the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Gothenburg.


 Her book report about the life and fate of Raoul Wallenberg (Norstedts, 2012) was awarded the prestigious August Prize for nonfiction. The book also received the Swedish Academy's Axel Hirsch Prize, for a "biography of considerable artistic and cultural merit."