Distant learning collaboration between St Petersburg University and Moscow University is well underway.

 In 2009 two top Russia’s universities — SPbU and MSU — signed the Agreement for Strategic Partnership. Their unique status means unique relationships. In 2015, when the Ministry of Education announced an opening of the “Open Education National Platform”, SPbU Rector Nikolay Kropachev and MSU Rector Viktor Sadovnichii agreed to accept on-line academic courses from their Internet platforms.

In spring semester, MSU students can register for on-line courses “Russian as a Foreign Language” and “Chinese for Beginners”. The courses are publically available on-line on the platform “Open Education”. Now the University is continuing to develop an on-line course “History of Russia”, which was the first course chosen by MSU as the most interesting to learn in 2015.

 Apart from distance courses, SPbU is developing a project on adapting on-line courses at the Coursera for the distance learning agreement between SPbU and MSU. Presumably, the first course to appear on the international platform is “Introduction into Bioinformatics”.

 In spring semester 2016/17 MSU offers to SPBU students the following courses: “Biophysics: From Inorganic to Organic, from Principles to Mechanisms”, “Language, Culture and Cross-Cultural Communication”, and “Current Ecological Problems and Sustainable Development”. You can register via SPbU web-site.


Today the “Open Education” platform offers 19 on-line courses from provided by SPbU. For more information, please, visit the SPbU web-site. A variety of distance courses is open for everyone, among them is Russian language, psycholinguistics, nuclear physics, and bioinformatics to name but a few.


 In 2013 St Petersburg University became an official partner of the Coursera and before long SPbU courses became open for everyone.