The graduate programme “Tourist Destinations of Russia” is aimed at international students who are interested in learning in depth Russia’s history and geography and gaining problem-solving skills to apply them in Russian tourism globally.


The programme, as it is a degree in tourist destinations of Russia, has no equals in Russia and globally. “It offers a unique experience to its students and stirs up interest in professional and academic communities abroad, especially in China, Asia, Middle East, North Africa, and East Europe, and is aimed at encouraging international cooperation in tourism”, — said the Director of the North-West regional department of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Ekaterina Shadskaia.

The course combines study of history and culture of Russia and tourism marketing and branding. The tourist destinations course at St Petersburg University provides a well-rounded intellectual training with a particular emphasis on research projects with the Russia’s leading scholars and scientists. The programme is mainly aimed at discovering new tourist destinations in Russia and encouraging international cooperation in tourism.  

 Through cooperation with our international partners, among them is the China Tourism Academy, students can adopt international approaches and apply them on the Russia’s tourism market. As we work in close partnership with the business tourism community, students can get summer internship with the Meteors Travel and Intourist.

Common roles for graduates include scientific researcher, expert analyst, project managers in research institutes and government.