St Petersburg University has welcomed a delegation of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Public Administration.

The delegation visited St Petersburg University to attend events on the 127-anniversary of Ho Chi Minh and a conference “Ho Chi Minh and 100 years of the October Revolution in Russia”. The delegation met with the Deputy Rector for International Affairs Sergei Andrushin to discuss new areas of collaboration in education and research.


SPbU’s Ho Chi Minh Institute, a unique institute in the world, was established on May 19, 2010 with support of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Public Administration on the 120-anniversary of the Vietnamese leader.

“The University is interested in ensuring more and more effective collaboration with the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Public Administration, — said Sergei Andrushin in his welcoming speech. — Our collaboration made possible to open SPbU’s Ho Chi Minh Institute, with its scientific leader Prof Vladimir Kolotov. Obviously, the Institute will ensure grounds for expert evaluations in Vietnamese issues and regional safety in the Asian-Pacific Region”.

The Government of Vietnam highly appreciates this project, said the head of the delegation, Deputy Director of the Academy Le Kuok Li.  During these 7 years, we have achieved impressive results in research, arranged a number of conferences on the regional safety, and high-level meetings at SPbU.

SPbU’s research and expert evaluations on Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh’s heritage is vital for Russia-Vietnam relationships.

Deputy Director of the Academy Le Kuok Li

Dr Le Kuok Li said that they are interested in expanding collaboration with SPbU in information exchange in research and mutual research projects on regional, economic and international safety. “We are interested in publishing papers with the Russian researchers and inviting SPbU’s scholars and researchers as visiting lecturers at the Academy”, — said Le Kuok Li. The Government of Vietnam asked the Academy to hold a conference on the 100-anniversary of the October Revolution in Hanoi and they invite SPbU to take part in the conference, said Le Kuok Li.


Sergei Andrushin appreciated these initiatives and said that we would sign a protocol on academic exchange. Today interdisciplinary collaboration plays a vital role, said Sergei Andrushin and added that the joint groups of scholars and scientists from SPbU and Academy would be integral part of joint research and expert collaboration, in applying for grants in particular. In this way we have been collaborating with Renmin University of China. He suggested a video conference to be held in September to meet with the colleagues and discuss possible areas of collaboration.  

The partners discussed the possibility to create Russia-Vietnam Research Forum and agreed to introduce the plan of collaboration for the year.