You can find more information in the new SPbU’s diploma, which ensures you can get a good job. SPbU’s successful graduates told us what information could attract employers.

Since 2016, the SPbU’s diploma has QR code to ensure that employers can get all the necessary information about the students: what they have achieved, why they lagged behind, or what their theses focus on. With thesis topic a crucial factor, employers can get a whole picture about the students and give (or don’t) them work. “Those who recruit must understand what professional interests of the students are, and have a clear view of their potential and skills. For example, at the job interview in “HeadHunter North-West” you are most likely to be asked about your thesis subject, — said Iulia Sakharova, Director of the “HeadHunter North-West”. — As for the test of the theses available at the student’s personal profile, the recruiters have little time, if any, to read and assess it. You’d better provide a short summary where you can tell why you chose the subject, what aims you achieved and what results you gained. By doing so, you can also show that you can express your thoughts in a concise and precise manner, which is a valuable skill”.

Apart from excellent academic background, you should be interested in what you are doing and striving to excel, says Denis Sosedkin, Managing Partner of the DLA Piper in St Petersburg, who worked in the State Examination Commission in Law in 2016. “When I worked in the examination commission, I came to think that young people are more likely to delve into little studied and controversial problems, with many of the theses highly interesting for me personally”, — said Denis Sosedkin. Nevertheless, some of the students were far from having good presentation skills, and these skills are crucial in job hunting.

How you can present yourself is important as an employer can know you only during the job interview. “A good resume and successful job interview is 99 % of success”, — said Anna Tverdokhlebova, who graduated SPbU and is Director General of ООО “Petersburg Shop of Travelling PST-Tour Operator”. The QR code can help students tell about their achievements, which is of great help to employers. “If you don’t have any work experience, we need to know what you were doing while studying at the University. What is the most important factor for me when recruiting is that you are fully aware that you are willing to work”, — said Anna Tverdokhlebova.