The delegation of the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union has visited St Petersburg University. They met with Deputy Rector for International Affairs Sergei Andrushin and scientific director of the SPbU’s Ho Chin Minh Institute Prof Vladimir Kolotov.  

SPbU was among the first to open Vietnam studies and teach Vietnamese in Russia, says Sergei Andrushin. “We have strong friendly ties with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, in particular the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics. We managed, due to our collaboration, to open SPbU’s Ho Chin Min Institute to study regional safety, develop Vietnamese studies and examine the heritage of the Vietnamese leader on a regular basis. Today, the University, as a leading expert prepares expert evaluation reports for the Government on Vietnam and Asia-Pacific region”, — said Sergei Andrushin.

Each year, the University celebrates Cho Shi Minh’s anniversary, with many honoured guests from Vietname, Vietnam and St Petersburg’s students. “We are definitely interested in expanding our collaboration and attracting young talented students to study at SPbU”, — added Sergei Andrushin

We have a positive view of the Russian education today, especially excellent academic environment for Vietnamese students in Russia.

Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Youth Union Nguen An Tuan

Vietnamese people are still grateful to Russia for its support during the Vietnam War, declaration of its independence, especially for preparing and educating human resources, says the head of the delegation. “Today, there are lots of people in top management in our country who received a degree in the Soviet Union, in Leningrad University in particular. These people are of the highest qualification and they proved it by overcoming the crises and successfully implementing economic reforms in our country”, — said Nguen An Tuan.

The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union is a youth political organization established in 1931 in Vietnam just after the Communist Party was created.

The event was also visited by Deputy Head of the Committee for External Relations Viacheslav Kalganov. He proposed an initiative to develop a trilateral collaboration between the City Administration, University and Youth Union, and develop a project to study the heritage of the Vietnamese leader in St Petersburg and then in Russia, with the Vietnamese students studying in St Petersburg as its first members.

The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union educates and prepares those who will work for the Communist Party, educate young people and mobilize them to work for the economic benefit of Vietnam. Its aim in Russia is to popularize the history of relations between our countries and collaborate with youth organizations.

Currently, SPbU has partner agreement with three Vietnamese universities:

  • Ho Chi Minh National Academy
  • Vietnam National University, Hanoi 
  • Hanoi law University

For the last 8 years, 25 students from Vietnam studied at SPbU: in biology, oriental studies, geography, journalism, management, international relations, mathematics and control processes, psychology, physics, philology, and law. The University is actively developing collaboration in science as well: from 2011 to 2016 SPbU’s researchers have prepared 12 publications with their Vietnamese colleagues.