Prima Ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre Uliana Lopatkina, who said that she was going to leave ballet in June 2017, applied to the University this summer. Successfully passed the entrance tests, she was enrolled at the Environmental Design.

Uliana Lopatkina, who studied at the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, worked in the Mariinsky Theatre. For many years, she had been the Prima Ballerina of the Theatre and given performaces at the best theatres globally. Still, she has finished her career as her professional injuries have worsened.

“The profession is highly demanding  - and rewarding at the same time! I feel sad and pleasure! I leave the Theatre with a feeling of gratitude and content that I have completed my mission!” — said the Balerina.

Uliana Lopatkina leaves the Big Stage, but not the world of ballet. She is planning to continue to work in the sphere, but in new areas. The world of ballet is multifaceted, and Uliana Lopatkina, who has always been keen on drawing and perfecting the environment, has decided to delve into the art of design.

“You can dance all your life, but you should study at the University” — my friend was told so when she was choosing between the art university and SPbU. St Petersburg University is a renowned university rich in history and with excellent reputation. And it offers the programme I am deeply interested in.

National Artist of Russia Uliana Lopatkina

Environmental Design educates and prepares specialists to work in the design of the city, architecture, landscape, and interior decoration. It also focuses on the design of the historical places, historical and cultural regeneration, and art synthesis in architecture.

“The programme is quire comprehensive, and I like it. I decided to enter the University to study something new and, more importantly, to change my way how I perceive the world. I am keen on enbironmental design, how it can be arranged and how it influences us. I hope that by gaining new knowledge at the University will be able to find new ways for art, not only in ballet. What will be the results – we shall see what we shall see”, — said Uliana Lopatkina.