SPbU’s graduate Aleksandr Makarov is appointed as Acting Director of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.

In his 34, Aleksandr Makarov has already undertaken over 15 expeditions into the Arctic, has been actively engaged in science, education and management at SPbU and AARI. His candidate and doctoral theses in geomorphology focus on environmental changes for the last ten thousand years. His research interests are paleography of polar regions in the Holocenic system and level change in the World’s Ocean.

Directors of the AARI were many outstanding scientists and travelers, among them there were quite a number of young, up-and-coming researchers. The Directors were renowned SPbU’s garduates: Aleksei F. Treshnikov and Evgenii K. Fedorov.

Aleksandr Makarov, as appointed Acting Director, still teaches at the University. “The University and the Institute has long been collaborating in the Arctic educational propgramme, internship in Spitsbergen, joint projects in education and research”, — he said.

Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute is the oldest institute in Russia which focuses on the comprehensive research of polar regions. Many professors and scientists work both at SPbU and Institute. Among them is Director of RAE, winner of the Russian Federation Government Prize in Science and Technology Valerii Lukin, renowned scientist of polar regions Aleksei Ekaikin and others.

One of the overarching priorities is to attract young specialists to study Arctic and Antarctic. “The projects on the Arctic exploration are at the forefront of the science today and Russia offers the best opportunities for polar research”, — said Aleksandr Makarov.

The Arctic research plays an important role in science and education at SPbU. Today our priorities are to provide a comprehensive development of the Arctic territories, fossil fuel exploration, rational use of natural resources, and Arctic ecosystem protection. SPbU acts as an expert, research and education centre bringing together the world’s leading scientists and preparing a new generation of researchers.

 The University offers a number of educational programmes in the Arctic studies. Apart from the joint master programmes , it is planning to launch a new joint programme with the University of Tromsø, Norway.