This year, SPbU has enrolled 10 entrants on a new graduate programme in Financial Law, which has no equals in Russia.

SPbU continues to tailor courses to make them more professionally oriented, and the potential employers provide any possible assistance.

May 2017, St Petersburg International Legal Forum, St Petersburg University and Gazprom signed a collaboration agreement. The new course focuses on legal aspects of credit institutions, insolvency regulation (bankruptcy), insurance law, legal aspects of investments in financial market, and other aspects in law and finance.

At eth first class, the students met Senior Vice-President of Gazprombank Elena Boriseknko, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Methodological Support Marina Lavrikova, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Law Sergei Belov, and SPbU’s Associate Professor Dmitrii Petrov who initiated the development of the new course.

Financial markets are always changing, transactions are being carried out at a very rapid pace. Financial markets are betting against the future.

Senior Vice President of Gazprombank Elena Borisenko.

The lessons will be delivered by the leading experts in law and business. Those who will prepare the best graduation theses will be awarded 150, 100, or 50 thousands rubles by Gazprombank. The programme secures internship with Gazprom, and the most self-driven students can stand a chance to work with Central Bank of the Russian Federation or Moscow Exchange.

“It is a matter of 5-10 years when lawyers will be the most important players in business as technological advances will bring chaos, which consequently will call for formulating new rules and regulations. Even today, the current law fails to govern cryptocurrency. There is a lack of lawyers who can regulate this sphere, and what you will gain by pursuing the course will be you competitive advantage”, — said Elena Borisenko.

Being a legal advisor and business partner make a good lawyer, as the students of the new programme reckon. “A good lawyer should draw on expertise in the company’s dealings and proposed solutions integrating compliance with the business strategy”, — said Ilia Kozynkin, a first-year student at SPbU.


Graduate programmes in Law in 2017.

Today, the University is becoming more and more interdisciplinary, says Marina Lavrikova, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Methodological Support at SPbU. You can choose any lectures you like. The programmes are developed by the experts and employers in various spheres. The University is open to new approaches in education. This year, the students can register for SPbU’s on-line courses, moreover their diploma will feature information about the on-line courses they have listened from the top 300 universities. On-line courses ensure more comfortable learning environment to gain necessary competences, including those from the adjacent areas. Let us take an example: a financial lawyer can take on-line courses from the world’s leading universities to study financial markets in depth.

New challenges make you learn how to think differently. The University is creating a very favourable environment.

Acting Dean of the Faculty of Law, SPbU Sergei Belov  

A Close cooperation between the University and business community, in law in particular, is an overarching priority of the SPbU’s Strategic Plan 2020. The legal companies, state representatives are the member of the educational councils, take part in the thesis defense procedures, develop educational standards, new programmes, including under-graduate, graduate, main, additional, or of continuing learning. Such an approach secures strong position of our graduates in the labour market by equipping them with the best of knowledge and expertise.