The RUSNANOPRIZE-2017 International Committee has announced the finalists, among them is Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Ruslan Valiev, SPbU.

 The prize has been awarded since 2009 to the inventors and scientists for the advances in nanotechnologies that have already been introduced into industry and gained commercial success. Each year, it is awarded in four nominations:

  • Nanomaterials and Surface Modification
  • Medicine, Pharmacy and Biotechnology
  • Optics and Electronics
  • Energy Efficiency and “Green” Technologies

This year, the best inventors will be awarded in Nanomaterials and Surface Modification. The international Committee has made a short-list of the inventors, among them is Ruslan Valiev, a leading scientist of the Laboratory of Mechanics of Advanced Bulk Nanomaterials for Innovative Engineering Applications at SPbU.

Ruslan Valiev is one of the fathers of a new area in materials studies that focuses on developing bulk nanmaterials and studying their physical and chemical properties.  In 2011, he won Scopus Award Russia in The Most Cited Russian Author in the World.

Ruslan Valiev and his colleagues have developed a technology to form bulk high-robust and pressure-resistant nanomaterials which is now used in producing medical implants, instruments and conductors. The production volume is over 10 mln dollars.

Besides, among those who are in the short-list is a group of scientists who invented how to produce and apply nanocrystal quantum dots which are widely used in industry as biomarkers, in solar batteries, TV and monitors.

The third finalist is Switzerland’s scientist Michael Grätzel who in the early 1990s created  dye-sensitized solar cells, or Grätzel cell. They can increase the efficiency of batteries from 3–8 % up to 22,1 %.

The winners will announced on October 17 at the International Forum “Open innovations – 2017” at the TechnoPark «Skolkovo” in Moscow. They will be awarded a statuette that is a symbol of the prize, a diploma and three mln dollars.