Seoul has hosted a strategic conference of the Russia-Republic of Korea Dialogue forum.

SPbU’s Rector Nikolay Kropachev who is also a chairperson of the coordination committee of the RRKD from the Russian part suggested opening a number of educational programmes with a specific focus on economics, culture, history and law of the Republic of Korea.

The positive dynamics of the relationships between Russia and South Korea will give momentum to expanding the relationships in education, culture, and arts between two nations, said Nikolay Kropachev. “If the number of Russian people visiting Korea increase, say, up to a million people per year, it will significantly boost our relationships and deepen understanding between our nations”, — said the Rector.

In our turn, we hope that more and more Korean will visit Russia.

SPbU’s Rector Nikolay Kropachev

The joint educational programmes, as he reckons, are making good progress and likely to become successful in terms of expanding international cooperation in education. Nikolay Kropachev suggested opening three under-graduate programmes, among them are those with a specific focus on Korea and Korean language, tourism, law, and economy. Besides, Rector suggested opening a master programme in Culture and Arts of Korea.

St Petersburg University, as the oldest university in Europe to study Korea, offers a number of successfull master programmes with a specific focus on Korea. Those who study management and economy can study the Korean language and have a semester internship in South Korea. In 2017, the University will celebrate 120-anniversary of the Korean studies.

Moreover, SPbU is expected to hold language tests for migration to Korea.