SPbU’s Rector Nikolay Kropachev has met Director General of the Association of European Business Frank Shauff.

At the meeting with the delegation, which represents foreign investors in Russia, Nikolay Kropachev told about the mechanisms to encourage employee engagement. The potential employers are actively engaged in developing professional competences of the University’s graduates, said Rector.

“The representatives of the Russian and international business who are the members of the councils of the educational programmes have a wide scope of responsibilities. They define entrance, graduation, and staff requirements”, — said Nikolay Kropachev outlining the scope of their key responsibilities.

The fact that the University is entitled to formulate its own educational standards ensures that we educate and prepare students who meet the market demands.
SPbU’s Rector Nikolay Kropachev

The representatives of the European business are primarily concerned with enhancing the quality of the educational programmes, said Director General Frank Shauff. An overarching priority is to educate and prepare engineering students who gain a deep insight into physics and chemistry.

“Today, many universities are still educating students as they did ten years ago, without taking into account the current trends in modern technologies. We are ready to be actively engaged in education^ to attract lecturers and develop joint additional programmes”, — said Frank Shauff.

St Petersburg University is both Russia’s top educational and research institution, said Nikolay Kropachev.

“SPbU has a unique Research Park, whose equipment has no rivals nationally and, in some respect, globally. It is vital that the Research Park is open to researchers across the world», — said Nikolay Kropachev, adding that outside researchers account for 40%, while international researchers for 10%.

The University is implementing the principle of transparency by holding various research competitions, including those with the world’s leading research foundations. Last year, the University and DFG announced the results of the joint competition.

St Petersburg University is the only university in the East hemisphere that DFG collaborates directly with.
SPbU’s Rector Nikolay Kropachev

Nikolay Kropachev suggested that the Association of the European Business should become a member of the councils of those educational programmes they were particularly interested in and prepare a presentation about the research projects held at SPbU.

Another area we could collaborate within, said Rector, is the Centre for Expert Evaluation that can prepare expert evaluation reports for the European business. Frank Shauff identified priority areas and suggested we should develop continuous education for the Association in SPbU.