In St Petersburg, the 137th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union is over. The honoured guests were actively engaged in the main programme of the forum and negotiated with St Petersburg University to expand partnership collaboration.

In St Petersburg University, October 16 started with the meeting with the Sudan delegation. SPbU’s Rector Nikolay Kropachev and speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Sudan Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omer expressed hope that the University and Republic of Sudan would develop partnership relationships.  Sudan is primarily interested in collaboration in research, said the speaker. Professor Omer was particularly interested in the Genome Russia project as the Minister of the Higher Education of the Republic of Sudan Sumaia Mohamed Ahmed Abukshava is a scientist in genetics and she would definitely be interested in joint research projects.

Collaboration with Russia is a high priority with the Ambassador of Argentina to Russia, Ricardo Ernesto Lagorio, who also met with Rector. Russia-Argentina collaboration should primarily be focused on education and research, said Ambassador. “Among my compatriots are not only footballers, but also five Nobel Prize winners. I would be happy to sign an agreement on collaboration between our leading universities and St Petersburg University”, — said Ambassador.

The University, said Rector, does not approach country studies merely in terms of learning its language. “We ensure that the national component would be incorporated in various programmes at SPbU. Recently, we have opened Law with a particular focus on Chinese language and law”, — said Nikolay Kropachev.

The professional standards are defined by the potential employers who formulate our educational standards based on their demands.
SPbU’ Rector Nikolay Kropachev

The parties suggested expanding collaboration through incorporating the representatives of the Argentinian business in the councils of the educational programmes at the University.

Early November, Moscow will held a meeting between the representatives of the Argentinian business in Russia and Russian business in Argentina. Consequently, Ambassador suggested the University should take part in the meeting and collaborate directly with the potential employers.

 The negotiations in international cooperation were held in St Petersburg University last week. Apart from the meeting with the Consul General of China Guo Ming and delegation of the Ministry of Education of Turkey, SPbU met the official representative of the USA in St Petersburg Thomas Leary.  Also, Nikolay Kropachev met the delegation of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy and discussed the opportunities to cement ties with South Korea.

The international partners are highly interested in SPbU as we are actively engaged in internationalization, said Deputy Rector Sergei Andrushin. The number of international students and staff at SPbU as well as foreign partners is on the rise, we are opening new educational programmes, including joint ones, and courses, including on-line courses, in foreign languages, we are constantly improving our performance in the international rankings, opening our representative offices abroad, and collaborating with the international companies. All these contribute to the University's reputation globally as a dynamic world’s leading centre of education and research.