At ST Petersburg University, Rector Nikolay Kropachev has met President of the Ain Shams University (Cairo, Egypt) Abdel Wahab Mohamed Ezzat to agree on collaboration and discuss areas for joint working.

Signing the memorandum, said Rector, implies opening a joint educational programme. Still, the University is searching for new opportunities.

If we are to open a new programme, we should take into account what the Russian companies in Egypt need.

SPbU’s Rector Nikolay Kropachev

Russia-Egypt relationships were on the rise several years ago, said the President of the Ain Shams University, and the countries had audacious joint projects, for example the Aswan Dam in 1960s. “Today, we are eager to develop collaboration between our universities. As SPbU and our University offer a good number of educational programmes in various research areas, we have lots in common to develop partner relations”, — said Abdel Wahab Mohamed Ezzat.

Video conferences are vital if we want to increase joint research productivity and publications, said SPbU’s Rector. “We should bring together our researchers and define the scope of their interests. It is not unfamiliar for us as we regularly have video conferencing meetings with our Chinese colleagues”, — said Nikolay Kropachev.

Although officially the universities started collaboration when they signed the memorandum, they however have a longer story of their collaboration.

Many of our Academic staff are SPbU’s graduates or get a research degree here. They are high-calibre specialists.

Associate Professor of the Faculty of Sciences Dr. Sherif Al-Komb Ahmed

One of the areas to develop is an Arab testing centre at SPbU. President of the Ain Shams University suggested developing programmes to have a language test at SPbU, and was interested in organizing a Russian level test at the Ain Shams University.