Saint Petersburg State University
the first one in Russia to award scientists its own PhD

In June 2013 after almost 90 years St.Petersburg University as the unique national research and educational institution regained the right to award its own PhD degree and set high level requirements to the degree.


Since 1804 and until the Revolution of 1917 St. Petersburg University awarded its own diploma and Doctor degrees to outstanding students and scientists who met the requirements set by our University. Soviet government has changed this tradition and replaced the university diploma and doctorate degree by state owned diploma and degrees of Kandidat and Doctor of science. Requirements to the degrees were set by the Government of the Soviet Union and Russia. Unfortunately, in the previous 20 years these requirements have been seriously devalued.




Mathematicians and biologists start, more to follow

April, 29th 2013 on the proposal of Rector the Academic Council of St.Petersburg University has approved the decision to establish PhD SPbU degree in four fields of knowledge: mathematics, Earth science, biology and international relations. We believe that this list will be enlarged. On June, 19th 2013 first three PhD students successfully defended their PhD theses in mathematics. The Dissertation Committee for the defence included respected scientists from Russian and foreign universities as well as members of state academies of sciences.

Quality guaranteed

Each member of every Dissertation Committee specialises in the theme of thesis (state rules do not require it). It proves that St.Petersburg University bears full responsibility for the quality of its PhD degree based on academic traditions rooted to the foundation of the University.
Defences are carried out in English and broadcasted on the Internet. All reviews and materials for the defence are published on SPbU website and distributed among leading universities of the World before the defence (state rules also do not require it).