At St Petersburg University, the Committee for Research and Higher Education of St Petersburg has completed the 20th competition of business ideas, research developments and projects “Young. Ambitious. Promising”.


Petr Murzin, a post-graduate student in physics, won 100,000 rubles in the nomination “Business Idea”. He presented a project “Multifunctional photo-active interior coating”. As many as 300 projects were submitted to the competition.

Today, the project is registered as a legal entity OOO “SPbU functional materials and coatings”. We are planning to apply for a patent. Moreover, we are negotiating with the investors to market the product.

Leader of the team, SPbU post-graduate student in Physics Anton Maevskii

The project has already won the first prize in “SPbU Start-Up 2017”. The innovative photoactive coating for ceilings and walls prevents bacteria from spreading and helps you clean indoor air. The anti-bacterial effect last for 5-7 years.

This project was presented in the national exhibition “Vuzpromexpo-2017” in Moscow.

The coating can be applied in hospitals, kindergartens, schools, cafes, business centres, and houses to name but a few.