St Petersburg University offers a huge range of options that also lets you probe deeply into the areas that are beyond your main educational programme and most interest you. SPbU Senior Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Extracurricular Affairs, and Methodological Support Ekaterina Babeluk tells us through how you can choose an additional educational programme or a course.

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How can students gain more knowledge while studying at the University?

Apart from 368 main educational programmes, our University offers a huge range of additional educational programmes that lets you probe deeply into the areas beyond your curricular. It makes our University what it is today. If you are passionate about studying foreign languages, apart those that are included in your curricular, you can choose an additional education programme in Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Greek, Arab, Azerbaijani, and Hebrew to name but a few. You can also study law, economics, sociology, IT, psychology.

When and where are you going to have classes if you choose to study an additional programme?

It is usually evening classes delivered by SPbU staff at the University.  

Are there any options for those who cannot study full-time?

The University offers a wide range of on-line courses on Coursera and Open Education. Upon completion of the course, you can get a certificate awarded by the University.  

How can you get information about additional educational programmes?

You can find it at the University’s web-site in the section “Education”. We can also send letters to the students’ e-mails.

After you have passed all your exams, you can be enrolled at the additional educational programmes to make most of your winter holidays.  You can find more information on the on-line courses at