At the St Petersburg International Legal Forum, St Petersburg University has held a meeting of the Russian-Japanese council of lawyers to discuss the opportunities for collaboration between the two countries.

rossiya yaponiya

The meeting was visited by the Minister of Law of the Russian Federation Aleksandr Konovalov; co-chairperson of the board of directors and chairperson of the management board of Gazprombank, a member of the council of the educational programme in Law at SPbU Elena Borisenko; Dean of the Faculty of Law Sergei Belov; Vice President of the Japan Bar Association Savano  Maasaki; Professor Naoki Kanoiama (Keio University, Tokyo), and others.

The Russian-Japanese council of lawyers as part of the St Petersburg International Legal Forum aims to develop long-term collaboration, share experience between Russia and Japan, perfect the legislation and infrastructure for economic and trade relations between the two countries.

Among the issues discussed was collaboration between the oldest school of law in Russia and Japanese universities. In 2018, St Petersburg University will enroll, for the first time in its history, on a unique educational programme in Law with a focus on the Japanese language and law. Apart the traditional subjects, the curriculum will also feature Japanese law, in-depth study of the English and Japanese languages, and courses on Japanese literature and history. The Japan-related disciplines will be taught by the Japanese lecturers, among which are experts in law, political science, cultural studies, economics, and linguistics.

Among other priority areas in global collaboration are joint degree programmes and international master studies.

Our graduates will gain an in-depth knowledge in Russian and Japanese legislation.

Dean of the Faculty of Law at SPbU Sergei Belov

“A year in a partner-university abroad as part of your master’s degree will ensure that graduates gain expertise in basic disciplines and can apply their knowledge in solving real-life cases in a particular country”, — said Sergei Belov.

The representatives of the business sector in Japan suggested that the students in this programme should have internship with the companies in Japan. It could benefit both parties: a sustainable collaboration between the two countries will make these specialists indispensable to provide legal support of the partner relationships.

The next meeting is planned to be held in Tokyo in autumn.