At the beginning of June 2018, a seminar for employees of the international departments of foreign partner universities was held in St Petersburg University. The event was attended by representatives of universities in Greece, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Ireland and Norway.


The format of Staff Training Week includes: acquaintance with St Petersburg University; discussion of the most successful practices and ideas in the field of incoming and outgoing academic mobility; as well as the exchange of experience in the field of international cooperation. In particular, within the framework of the event, the staff of St Petersburg University shared information about: the features of admission of foreign applicants; sending students to study abroad; and the internationalisation of scientific research at the University.

During the presentations of the universities by participants of the seminar, foreign colleagues talked about the specifics of training in their own country. Also, a number of bilateral meetings took place with the staff of St Petersburg University departments. Within the framework of these meetings, agreements on the directions of constructive cooperation were reached.

Academic mobility is one of the priority areas of international activity in St Petersburg University. Students are given the opportunity to continue their studies or to conduct research in leading foreign universities and research centres. There are programmes for student exchange, international scholarships and grants. St Petersburg University has implemented the programme Buddy, under which volunteer students help foreign students to adapt and integrate into university life. At present, much attention is paid to the implementation of joint programmes with partner universities, which contribute to the modernisation of curricula and the formation of a unified educational space.

The event programme included excursions on the campuses of the University and the centre of St Petersburg.