The «Master in Management» programme of St Petersburg University took the 23rd place in the ranking of the Master’s programmes Global Masters in Management 2018, published today by the Financial Times. The Business School of St Petersburg University is still the only representative of Russia in the rating of the British edition.

Commenting on the rating results, Andrey Kostin, the Director of the Institute of Higher School of Management of St Petersburg University, the President and Chairman of the board of VTB Bank (PJSC), noted that the stable indicator of St Petersburg University in this prestigious international rating is the result of the correct development strategy of the school and effective interaction with academic and corporate partners.

Global Masters in Management 2018

Konstantin Krotov, Senior Deputy Director of the Institute of Higher School of Management of St Petersburg University, said that the business school, which turned 25 in January, has been developing throughout this time, using the best practices of foreign universities and interacting with graduates. «The success of the "Master in Management" programme proves that St Petersburg University Business School remains the best in Russia. This year we have kept the 23rd place — this is an occasion for joy, but also an incentive for serious work, so that next year we will rise even higher in the rating,» Konstantin Krotov said.

The Financial Times list includes 100 educational programmes in the field of management. The rating is made on the basis of analysis of data received from business schools, and anonymous comments of graduates.

In total, 18 criteria are taken into account: the average salary of graduates three years after graduation (for graduates of St Petersburg University it is $ 59,178); the weighted-average salary of graduates ($ 59085); the percentage of salary increase over three years (69%); the payback of the programme (St Petersburg University takes 16th place in the rating); career development (4th place); percentage of the goals achieved (88%); career development assistance (26th); percentage of graduates who were employed three months after graduation (92%); the number of female teachers (53%); female students (55%) and women in leadership (14%); the number of foreigners (4%); foreign students (14%) and foreigners in leadership (22%); international mobility (27th place); international courses (37th place); the number of languages ​​required for successful completion of studies (one); and the number of teachers with a doctoral degree (94%).

This year the «Master in Management» programme of St Petersburg University shared the 23rd place of the rating with the Indian Institute of Management of Calcutta, a partner of the Business School of St Petersburg University. The top 3 Global Masters in Management 2018 included the Swiss University of St Gallen, the Higher Commercial School of Paris, and the London Business School. All of them are also academic partners of St Petersburg State University.

The first time the «Master in Management» programme entered the FT Global Masters in Management rating was in 2013, when it took 65th place. Then it consistently strengthened its position, reaching 23rd place in 2017. In addition, St Petersburg University Business School is included in the rating of the Financial Times European Business School 2017, occupying 57th place.