The St Petersburg University Publishing House has released a new textbook, Everyday Business Russian, which will allow foreigners to raise their level of proficiency when conversing or corresponding in situations that require the use of an official style of communication. 

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This textbook is composed of two parts.  In the first, the accent is on learning how to use Russian in the business and socio-domestic spheres.  Here, readers will come to know the essential vocabulary, and they will also learn how to fill in application forms and carry on a dialogue in the most typical real-life situations – going though migration control, applying for a work permit or patent, shopping, registering a marriage, being served in a bank or post office.  The second part of the book is devoted to business correspondence.  In this section, learners will find out how to compose different varieties of informative and congratulatory business letters; they will also become familiar with their structure and the basic verbal formulas that are used in them.

Everyday Business Russian intrigued us above all because it is the first textbook that considers the requirements of Russian as a state language.  This publication is extremely important today and will certainly catch the interest of foreigners who are eager to grasp the particularities of Russian as it is used in a business setting. 

Olga Popova, Acting Director of the Center of Additional Educational Programs Russian as a Foreign Language at St Petersburg University

This book will be indispensable for foreigners who know Russian at a beginner’s level (A1 on the TORFL or Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) or a higher level and plan to work in Russia.  It can also be used by Russian teachers in the countries of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States, i.e. the former republics of the Soviet Union) and all those who are interested in mastering the business style of the contemporary Russian literary language and wish to bolster their competencies in the field of business communication.