St Petersburg University has entered the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects – 2019 (ARWU) in seven subjects, and showed the best result in automation and control in Russia.

The compilers of the subject ranking, the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, analysed the activities of over 4,000 universities from all over the world and ranked them in 54 disciplines in five fields of knowledge: natural sciences, engineering, life sciences, social and medical sciences.

Shanghai Ranking Consultancy complies an academic ranking of world universities by subjects on the basis of five key parameters. These are: research output (PUB); citation index (CNCI); international cooperation (IC); the number of articles published in top journals (TOP); and the number of alumni and staff winning international awards (AWARD). To be included in the subject ranking, a university must have a certain number of academic publications in 2012–2016.

St Petersburg University showed one of the best results among the 15 Russian universities included in the ranking. The University was ranked in seven subject lists. Among them are natural science subjects that are already traditional for the University: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. St Petersburg University proved that last year it was not by chance that it entered the ranking in three subjects: Earth Sciences, Nanotechnologies and Meteorology. The University confirmed the positions taken. St Petersburg University showed the best result in Russia among all nominations – it was ranked 36th in Automation and Control. It is worth noting that St Petersburg University is a classical university, and it firmly consolidated its position in two engineering subjects. This corresponds to the global trend of research and development in the field of modern technologies.