Petr Perminov, a St Petersburg University student, has won the gold medal in Groups at the European Games in Minsk. He was a member of the Russian national team in aerobic gymnastics.

20190625 sport pobeda aerobika pyotr perminov

University student Petr Perminov studies in the programme of the non-university level of higher education ‘Physical Education’. He began his sports career in 2006, when his parents brought him to the aerobics department of a city children and youth centre for physical training and sports. He is still training there under the guidance of Liudmila Levina, an Honoured Master of Sports. Since 2014, he has repeatedly achieved top results in international competitions. As a junior, he became the gold and silver medallist of the world championship, and the winner of the World Cup and European Championship. He also twice captured the championship of Russia.

3,844 athletes from 50 European countries took part in the competitions of the 2nd European Games. A total of 200 medal events were held in 15 sports. The Russian Federation team won the overall medal count with 109 medals, 44 of which are gold.

In 2017, Petr Perminov entered St Petersburg University, where he continued to achieve new sporting success. Already in September, he took part in the Aerobic Gymnastics European Championships, held in the Italian city of Ancona. At these competitions, he won first place in the ‘Men’s Individual’ and ‘Mixed Pairs’, and together with other athletes he became the silver winner in ‘Groups’. In 2018, Petr Perminov won the gold in the World Championships held in Guimarães (Portugal). At the 17th World Summer Gymnasiade, which was held in Marrakesh (Morocco), he took silver in two nominations: Men’s Individual and Mixed Pairs.

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In 2019, Petr Perminov joined the first team of the Russian national team in aerobic gymnastics. In March at the European Championships in Baku (Azerbaijan), he became the champion in the team competition and the bronze medallist in ‘Groups’.

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