Representatives of the French company Atesys-Montoux came to St Petersburg University to meet the research staff and visit the specialised scientific laboratories of the University.

The meeting was attended by Hughes de Chavagnac, Consul General of France in St Petersburg. The Consul said that this visit is a part of a joint initiative of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of France and the scientific department of the Consulate of France. He noted that the delegation represented high-tech enterprise established within the national strategy, and that cooperation with leading companies from other countries is of utmost importance for the company.

There are strong ties between the scientists of Russia and France and I am sure these ties will further expand in the future.

Hughes de Chavagnac, Consul General of France in St Petersburg

The Consul had met earlier with the Rector of St Petersburg University. He made a proposal to introduce the University and present its potential to French enterprises already working in the Russian market or just planning to enter it. These options are now being discussed at the consulate, in particular a visit to the University by French experts to discuss developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

Atesys-Montoux specialises in research, development and manufacturing of components for various industries: medicine; manufacturing; railways; and other energy-intensive fields. The company produces capacitors, transformers, converters and loggers – special devices for recording data – to monitor wild life and the environment.

Natalia Taranova, Head of the International Research and Technology Department, introduced the Research Park of the University to the guests. She spoke about the experience of the University in cooperating with the business community. ‘France is one of the key partners of St Petersburg University. We conduct joint academic programmes and the University scientists made 500 publications in Scopus indexed journals in collaboration with the French National Centre for Scientific Research,’ said Natalia Taranova. ‘We hope that this fundamental scientific work will result in establishing strong ties between innovative companies.’

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Guillaume Hornecker, Director General of Atesys-Montoux, spoke about the history of the business and its latest developments. The company produces specialised equipment in limited quantities for specific tasks. The company cooperates with international centres including the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, also known as CERN).

During the meeting the parties discussed the possibilities and formats for cooperation. The guests also visited the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and met with Gennady Cherepanov, Head of the Department of Vertebrate Zoology.