St Petersburg University has been chosen by students from more than 45 countries. We will inform you about extracurricular events and associations of St Petersburg University. These can help a foreign student adapt more quickly to St Petersburg, find like-minded people, and become part of important events of the University and the city.

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A variety of events for international students are organised by the International Students Club. The curators of the Club are ready to support students from abroad in different situations: from everyday issues to educational ones. Each foreign applicant enrolled in St Petersburg University automatically becomes a member of the association.

Among the events that the International Students Club organises on a regular basis are: the ‘Let's Talk’ language club; board game evenings; film shows; and peoples’ friendship concerts. The University has a long tradition of celebrating national holidays. This includes, for example, the celebration of Nowruz. The day of the vernal equinox is celebrated annually by about 100 St Petersburg University students from Russia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan.  

The University organises an orientation week at the beginning of each semester for exchange students. It makes it possible for foreign students who came to study on academic exchange programmes to get to know better the city where they will study for about six months. Thematic excursions and quests, and evenings of international cuisine are organised by the University’s Department for International Cooperation together with the Student Union of St Petersburg University.

The University invites foreign students to actively participate in various creative and academic contests. The most popular among them is the exhibition of photographs by foreign and Russian students of St Petersburg University ‘St Petersburg in the world, the world in St Petersburg...’. Every year the number of submitted works is growing, the geography of foreign participants is expanding.

The University supports social and cultural initiatives. It helps students, including foreign ones, take part in significant city events. The beginning of the academic year will see an announcement of new and traditional projects for foreign students of St Petersburg University.