St Petersburg University presented its developments in the sphere of robotics at the Tatarstan petrochemical forum. A prototype of a robot defectoscope has been created by the engineers of the small innovative enterprise ‘SPbU Dynamics’. It was demonstrated to members of the event at the exhibition stand of the science and technology centre ‘Energobezopasnost’.  

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The Tatarstan petrochemical forum was held in Kazan from 2 to 4 September. The prototype of the robot defectoscope was demonstrated at an exhibition stand of the science and technology centre ‘Energobezopasnost’. On the first day of the event, it was visited by the president of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, and representatives of the leading energy companies. Answering questions from journalists about the prototype, the CEO of the science and technology centre ‘Energobezopasnost’, Petr Kanygin, spoke about the unique features of the invention.    

To be concise – it is faster, more precise, and more manoeuvrable. We want to test it in the power company ‘Tatenergo’, and then to launch it in all the diagnostic systems of the Russian Federation.

Petr Kanygin, CEO of the science and technology centre ‘Energobezopasnost’

He added that the same decision should be made with regard to all the class A hazard objects in Tatarstan. According to Kanygin, this will enable the avoidance of failures of heating networks and loss of life. The president of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, gave an assignment to work further on the details of launching the leading development in the Tatarstan energy network.

The robot defectoscope prototype was created by the engineers of St Petersburg University for diagnostic testing of major hot water pipelines and heating pipelines. It can even detect corrosive sediments and defects of welded joints. Moving inside a pipe, the robot will locate a defect within small limits, stating its size and the wall thickness under the corrosion. In comparison with the alternative technologies, the robot created in St Petersburg University is capable of: functioning at higher temperatures; performing diagnosis of pipelines faster; and also going further into a pipe.   

The CEO of the small innovative enterprise ‘SPbU Dynamics’ is Dmitry Grokholsky. He expressed gratitude to the Republic of Tatarstan represented by its president for the invitation to take part in the Tatarstan petrochemistry forum. He also thanked its organisation managers and the science and technology centre ‘Energobezopasnost’, the affiliated company of ‘Rostechnadzor’, specialising on the problem of industrial safety.

 ‘I am glad that the Republic’s leadership and the management of the regional company ‘Tatenergo’ evaluated highly our development. They recognised the high-performance capabilities of the device, which is unrivalled in Russia and throughout the World. It is clear that robots created at St Petersburg University can be used not only in St Petersburg, but everywhere in Russia,’ said Dmitry Grokholsky. He also mentioned that there was much concern about the problem of provision of security of objects like power pipelines. This is why provision of uninterrupted operation is a key goal of the company ‘SPbU Dynamics’. According to Dmitry Grokholsky, application of the University’s robot defectoscope will enable the unprecedented predicting of the remaining lifetime of pipelines. It will reduce reconstruction and maintenance expenses of the government, as well as improve the citizens’ quality of life due to damage control of pipelines.