On March 2, St Petersburg University is going to launch a new master’s programme, The Psychology of Physical Culture and Sports.  It will focus on training specialists to give psychological assistance to athletes.  Compared to similar programmes at other universities, the advantage of this one is that it will offer an in-depth study of human psychic activity. 

According to expert opinion, the role of psychological factors in sport is steadily increasing today.  Not only do they shape an athlete’s personality and influence their behaviour during competition, but they also act as a barometer of their success.  This programme, based on one of the leading psychological schools of thought in Russia, will make it possible for students to receive both theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills in this field.  The curriculum has been designed to include interdisciplinary studies and provides for a mastery of universally applicable competencies.  Among the courses that have been announced are the following:  Current Issues in the Psychology of Physical Culture  and Sports;  Psychological Support for Athletes; Methods of Mental Self-Regulation in Sport and Fitness Training; Psychology of Sports Career; Coach Psychology; and Psychology of Management and Marketing in Sports and Recreation Activities.

St Petersburg University’s leading teachers, who have many years of practical experience with Russia’s national teams and the most prominent sports clubs, will be working with the students, who will be given the possibility of reinforcing and developing their applied skills through practical courses, using hands-on training, role playing and the case study method.  The future specialists will be able to competently analyse the principles behind athletes’ psychological characteristics, they will develop a feel for psychodiagnosis and they will acquire skills in giving psychological counselling to athletes, including those with physical disabilities, coaches and parents.

Detailed information about admissions policies is available here.

This programme ensures that students will be prepared in keeping with the European and worldwide standards of quality in education.  Such an approach substantially widens the opportunities for graduates to find employment.  It is expected that students will be doing internships at: the Gazprom - Zenit Football Academy; the Olympic Reserve School in the Kirovsky District of St Petersburg; the Energy Rowing Club; Agency of Sports Psychology;  and the Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health.  Among potential employers are FC Zenit, the Federation of Sport Aerobics (a non-profit organisation in St Petersburg), the Special Olympic Committee of St Petersburg, and the National Institute of Biomedicine and Sport (Moscow).