In the memory of the world-renowned scientist D. I. Mendeleev, a notable professor of St Petersburg University, a video tour of the Mendeleev museum-archive has been launched. The museum is located in the scientist’s former flat in the SPbU Twelve Collegia building.

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The location of the museum-archive was not chosen randomly: Dmitri Mendeleev lived and worked in this flat from 1866 to 1890, holding the title of SPbU professor. It was here that he discovered the Periodic law, wrote “The Principles of Chemistry”, carried out research in the Physics of Gases, the resistance of fluids, Economics and other fields. Currently, five rooms of the museum-archive are open for visitors: living room, dining hall, bedroom, study room and the hall with meteorological instruments.  The virtual tour viewers will have the opportunity to wander around all the presented rooms and take a closer look at the most interesting collection items.

The museum-archive exposition covers both childhood and adult years of the scientist’s life, presenting his every-day activities and the greatest scientific achievements. You will see a whole range of instruments invented by Dmitri Mendeleev that can be used in Meteorology research, technical-economical and agricultural works. Moreover, the original furniture and interior design pieces, personal items and, of course, showpieces related to the Periodic table of chemical elements discovery are presented in the tour.  Historical background information is provided for every item.

Visit the D. I. Mendeleev Museum-Archive virtual tour.