The St Petersburg University Volunteer Centre is creating a network of helpers to support University veterans and seniors during the coronavirus crisis. The volunteers will get groceries or medication, or help with other daily tasks so that older people stay at home. This will reduce their risk of contracting the virus.

According to epidemiological estimates, older people have a much higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19. In other words, the risk of dangerous health complications increases with age. For this reason, the St Petersburg University Volunteer Centre is currently recruiting volunteers to provide support to University seniors in need.

To become a volunteer, please, register here.

Additionally, a separate group of University volunteers will help students and staff in transitioning to distance learning. For this, experts from the St Petersburg University Information Technology Service will teach the volunteers how to use various e-learning platforms. After training, the volunteers will be able to help University students, and academic and administrative staff in tackling the transition to distance learning. They will explain how to set up a virtual classroom, configure the software, and use new IT services.

For detailed information about the Centre’s programmes, please, visit our website or group on Vkontakte.