On the 16th of April, Alisa Topchiy, a Master student of the SPbU Philology department, will participate in the global online-event “Vision China” dedicated to fighting COVID-19, organized by the largest Chinese newspaper published in English China Daily. Alongside with students from the University of Southern California, Harvard College, London School of Economics and Political Science among others, Alisa will share her thoughts on the COVID pandemic with the expected 200 million viewers from around the world.

The broadcast will be available live at 15:30 Moscow time at China Daily website. The event will be held in English.

“Vision China” was launched by China Daily in 2018. Since then, academics, business leaders, journalists and politicians were invited to discuss China’s place in the world and the rapidly changing face of international relations. The 11th edition of “Vision China” held on April, 16 will host six speakers aged from 10 to 23 talking about their perspectives on fighting COVID-19. As Russia was one of the first countries to help China in the current epidemiological situation, organizers saw it as an absolute must that a young representative from Russia be present at the event.

Alisa Topchiy was requested to make her word heard because she has been making a great impact on the development of Russian-Chinese relations and cooperating with China Daily in particular. In 2019, she represented Russia at the China Daily “21st Century Cup” International English Speaking Competition that took place in Hangzhou. The following year, China Daily began its collaboration with Russia and a decision was made to hold the qualifying rounds in St Petersburg, making it the only city to host a face-to-face candidate selection with the participation of China Daily jury. Alisa, together with the St Petersburg Association for International Cooperation, is in charge of the organization of this competition.

The main message that Alisa wants to get across during her appearance on “Vision China” is the importance of cooperation and global sense of responsibility in the difficult times. “Coronavirus is above politics”, - says Alisa, - “We are talking about saving human lives, and everyone should have the chance to live. Only by working together will we be able to find a solution and destroy the virus. We must look into the eyes of our fear and show that we are not afraid, that we are ready to fight”.