St Petersburg University invites you to clickable tours of: the Mendeleev Museum; the Vladimir Nabokov Museum; the places of Alexander Blok at St Petersburg University; the longest university corridor; and the magnificent Bobrinsky Palace. These virtual tours are accompanied by descriptions of the places.

The Twelve Collegia Building and the Modern Sculpture Park

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A virtual tour through the Twelve Collegia Building, which is the University’s main building, begins at the central entrance. It then continues along the longest university corridor in the world and ends up in the Modern Sculpture Park. This is where there are dozens of compositions and monuments to famous poets, writers and literary characters. Of particular interest are Petrovskii Hall, with its interior preserved from the 18th century, and St Peter and Paul’s Church.


The Dmitri Mendeleev Museum Archive

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The permanent exhibition features the amazing and multifaceted life of an outstanding researcher, a wide scope of his creative interests, and the significance of his discoveries for Russia and the world. The virtual tour also includes places that are closed to visitors. You will be able to: visit Dmitri Mendeleev’s personal office; get acquainted with his personal photo archive; and take a closer look at the instruments invented by Mendeleev for meteorology research and for engineering, economic and agricultural work.


The Vladimir Nabokov Museum

museum nabokova

Visitors will get acquainted with a unique collection including: the personal belongings of Vladimir Nabokov; the only collection of writer’s butterflies in Russia; his job cards; and first editions of his works. The virtual tour makes it possible to see the interiors of the Nabokovs’ apartment where they lived before emigrating from Russia. The virtual tour is available through the link.


Bobrinsky Palace


The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of St Petersburg University is currently housed here. The virtual tour of the unique 18th century building provides panoramas of luxurious staircases and palace halls, the cabinet and personal library of Count Bobrinsky, the small and large courtyards of the estate, the main dining room, and even a billiard room.


Welcome to St Petersburg University!