The average salary of graduates of the bachelor's programme in law at St Petersburg University is 110,000 roubles. The ranking has been published by the research centre Superjob.

The list was compiled based on a comparison of the average income of young professionals who graduated from Russian universities in 2014–2019 and work in the legal industry. This year, it includes 57 higher education institutions.

St Petersburg University is in second place jointly with Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The leader of the ranking is Lomonosov Moscow State University, whose graduates earn on average 115,000 roubles. The National Research University Higher School of Economics is in third place with a graduate’s income of 100,000 roubles. The analysis took into account young lawyers with professional experience with  salaries in the regions being corrected to the metropolitan level.

The analysis also contains information on the average score of applicants in the Unified State Exam. For full-time study on government-funded places in 2019, the average was a record 96.3 points: according to this indicator, the University retains its leadership position.

Additionally, the ranking takes into account the increase in salaries over the last year. In this category, graduates of St Petersburg University have outperformed graduates of all of the other law schools in Russia.