On 7 September the trials for the rowing, basketball, rugby, football, mountaineering and other sports teams started at St Petersburg University.

Before taking part in qualification rounds the candidates are required to fill in a questionnaire. They should state: what kind of sport they used to go in for; what sport titles they have; and whether they have the ‘GTO’ (the All-Russian Physical Culture Training Programme ‘Ready for Labour and Defence’) badge. Also, students can become volunteers, participants of the competitions, or join support groups.

‘We have changed the format – selection for the teams now has two stages. First-year students with a sports background who want to join the team can fill in and send us the questionnaire. We will then invite them for trials. They should have a medical certificate,’ Head of the Sports Department Svetlana Namozova said. ‘Then they start training routinely. On 1 September three teams began training: football, basketball and mountaineering.’

Trials timetable