The University Rankings of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation is an aggregate evaluation of the interest and achievements of students and teaching staff of each university participating in the Vladimir Potanin Fellowship Programme. This year, the rankings show St Petersburg University named as the best university among 75 universities across Russia. 

Each year, the Vladimir Potanin Foundation publishes the league tables of the universities in Russia. The rankings evaluate the performance of teaching staff and graduate students who participate in the Foundation’s scholarships and grants.

St Petersburg University has been ranked first in the 2019 Vladimir Potanin Foundation rankings.

In 2018/19 academic year, 34 graduate students from St Petersburg University were awarded the Foundation scholarship, while 6 professors were among the winners of the Foundation grant.

St Petersburg University was also ranked third in the league table that measures the performance of the universities over a certain period of time. The General Director of the Foundation, Oksana Oracheva, said: ‘The success of the scholarship and grant winners is in large part due to their outstanding results in education and research. They have a strong sense of being involved as a way to make positive impact and they are action-oriented. The rankings in this respect can provide food for thought and enable us to come to new conclusions.’

The scholarship programme is a large-scale educational project initiated by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. Representatives of the Foundation stated that the Foundation Rankings provide insight and evidence to independently evaluate the learning and social environment in Russia’s universities.