As a part of our work with foreign students and PhD students from China who entered St Petersburg University, but have not yet managed to come to Russia, we present you a seminar called "Russian - Chinese Educational Seminar".

The seminar was first organized by the staff and students of St Petersburg University in August 2020 to support the scientific activities and work of foreign students with scientific supervisors. Once a month, PhD students and students share the progress of scientific work with their supervisors (the study of specialized literature, online courses, articles, as well as the implementation of algorithms).

  • If you are a student or PhD student of St Petersburg University and you are in the situation that you cannot come to Russia yet, then please join us and participate in the online seminar, share your ideas about the research, and consider the scientific topics that will be presented during the seminar. 
  • If you are a Professor at the St Petersburg University who is willing to start working with the students and PhD students who just joined us and you cannot or don’t know who to start communication with them, then please join us.

In both cases please send an email to us, we will help both students and Professors to meet each other in this difficult times of COVID-19:

Dr. Ovanes Petrosian, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yin Li, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The next seminar will be held on 15 of November11 am Moscow time (4 pm Beijing time):

Link to join the meeting:

Zoom meeting ID: 960 2994 0483

Password: 151150

The last seminar was held on October, 11, the video of the seminar was recorded and is available on Youtube.

The organizers of the seminar have identified three key research areas: Explainable AI, Reinforcement Learning, Dynamic Game Theory. We are also willing to listen to your suggestions about research topics that are of interest to support scientific work during the time of COVID-19.

You can find the seminar videos following the links below:

1. Introduction

2. Explainable AI

3. Reinforcement Learning

4. Dynamic Game Theory

5. Closing Speech

Full programme of the Russian-Chinese Educational Seminar on November, 15