his year, the dates for the Unified State Exam have been postponed due to the pandemic. Most of the applicants enter universities based on the results of the Unified State Exam, and they have more time to prepare. St Petersburg University will help you to cope skilfully with this task and develop a clear action plan to earn high scores. An additional enrolment has been opened for the non-degree programmes: Solving Problems of Increased Complexity of the Unified State Exam in Mathematics; and Preparation for the Unified State Exam in Russian (an intensive course).

The training starts on 9 June and is held online twice a week.

The programmes have been designed by University lecturers in such a way as to work out the main topics as efficiently as possible. They will help you improve and consolidate knowledge, and learn successfully and comfortably right from home. The teaching is individualised taking into account the students’ abilities and uses the possibilities of online education. Intensive training includes: the classification of diverse material; the development of psychological stability when doing tests; various approaches to systematising the theory and consolidating practical skills for successfully passing the Unified Sate Exam; analysis of tasks of increased complexity and topics that cause difficulties; and consultations.

After completing the courses and final assessment, the students will be issued a certificate in the form established at St Petersburg University. Applications for training are accepted by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from 1 to 8 June.

Please note that in 2020 Russia cancelled the compulsory taking of the Unified State Exams. Now these are elective exams for those who are going to study at universities. Click here to find the list of the bachelor’s and specialist's programmes at St Petersburg University and find out which of them require passing scores in the Russian language or mathematics.