St Petersburg University has hosted the 7th Russian–Chinese Sociological Conference on 'Anti-Corruption Culture and Youth in Russia and China: Modern State, Business and Society' in an online format.

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During the plenary and panel discussions, the speakers addressed: problems related to comprehensive research into anti-corruption culture and the opportunities for its development in modern Russian and Chinese societies; a comprehensive analysis of compliance risks in business; and the effectiveness and social perception of anti-corruption policy measures. Topics discussed at the conference included: the ethics of entrepreneurs and the implementation of corporate social responsibility strategies; the role of young people and youth organisations in shaping an anti-corruption culture; and the impact of media and digital technologies on this process.

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The conference was held with the participation of scientists from different universities and research centres of the two countries, as well as representatives of business and public institutions.

Several presentations focused on the problems and opportunities for the countries in implementing social policy, the prospects for the development of a social state and a harmonious society in Russia and China. The speakers also drew attention to the need for social and historical research on corruption, anti-corruption policy and the social and philosophical aspects of the formation of an anti-corruption culture. The topics of the sociological conference attracted representatives of various sciences – historians, lawyers, cultural scientists, anthropologists and political scientists. The main participants were young scientists, students and postgraduates of Russian and Chinese universities. The event will result in the publication of a collection of conference materials and articles in Russian and Chinese scientific journals.

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The conference was organised by the Russian–Chinese Centre for Comparative Studies in Sociology and Economic and Political Studies in Sociology as part of a project for comparative Russian–Chinese sociological studies at St Petersburg University with the support of the Chinese–Russian Centre for Far East Studies of Hebei Normal University. Other organisational partners included the St Petersburg branch of the all-Russian public and state educational organisation the 'Russian Society Znanie', the St Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television, the Russian Association of Business Ethics, Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility, and the scientific and theoretical journal 'Terra Humana'.

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