Kseniia Ilina is a student of the academic programme ‘Film and Television Costume Designer’ at St Petersburg University. She took first place in the National Open Championship of ArtMasters Creative Competencies. For the contest, Kseniia Ilina designed and created Juliet's costume, being inspired by the image of this literary heroine.

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Under the terms of the championship, young specialists constructed complete images of characters: they designed and sewed costumes for them and made accessories and props. Additionally, their projects had to comply fully with all the requirements for costumes for being used in the theatre, cinema, advertising and television. The jury members assessed the ability to: create drafts, sketches, and technical and project documentation; and control all stages of costume production.

In addition to Kseniia Ilina, another student of St Petersburg University, Aleksandra Pigoltsina, was shortlisted for the finals of the championship. She designed and created the Jeanne d'Arc costume. Both girls defended their works on the stage of the Helikon-Opera: professional theatre and film actors tried on their costumes and staged a performance.

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The closing ceremony of the ArtMasters Championship and the awarding ceremony took place at the Bolshoi Theatre. The winner in the ‘Costume Designer’ competence, Kseniia Ilina, was announced from the stage by the People's Artist of Russia ballerina Ilze Liepa.

Video recording of the awarding ceremony for the ArtMasters Championship (announcement of the winner in the ‘Costume Designer’ nomination starts from 1:21).

The students of the University who took part in the contest are trainees of the creative workshop under the guidance of University Assistant Professors Inessa Snezhkina and Petr Tatarnikov.

The National Open Championship of ArtMasters Creative Competencies is a new large-scale project that includes various formats of professional competitions in the cultural industry. The Championship is supported by the Presidential Grants Fund. The strategic partner is the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

Click here to watch the footage of Channel One with Kseniia Ilina and Aleksandra Pigoltseva.

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