The University has offered places to study at undergraduate level to the most talented students across Russia, as the results of the 2020 admissions quality monitoring showed.  Despite of the constraints of the pandemic, St Petersburg University retains first place in the USE scores of the applicants among the academic universities. The average USE score of the applicants enrolled on government-funded places is 91.9, while the average score on fee-paid places is 79.4.

The University offers courses in 38 areas of study. The University tops the rankings in nine of them, ahead of other, even subject-specific, universities across Russia. Among these areas of study is Geodesy and Land Management (USE average score on government-funded places is 84.4), History (average score is 94.2), Cultural Studies (average score is 93.7), Petroleum Engineering (average score is 86.3), Monument Preservation (average score is 90.8), Soil Science (average score is 84.8), Social Work (average score is 89.6), Hospitality (average score is 91.4), and Philosophy (average score is 95.4).

Interestingly, the University dominates the rankings in Healthcare, leaving behind even the medical universities, with the average score of 86.1. The University is also among the top three universities in 33 areas of study according to the results of the admissions quality monitoring, while it ranks first in 23 of them across Russia.

2020 admissions quality monitoring across Russia