The St Petersburg University Online School project is unique and has been implemented by the University for over three years. During this time, the number of students has grown from 70 to 1,700.

A new stage in the development of the Online School makes it possible not only to meet the increased demand for providing high-quality and accessible additional education, but also to organise step-by-step training of international students from year to year.

The first classes for secondary school students from Latvia started in early December. About 1,000 children attended lectures on the Russian language, literature, history, mathematics, biology, physics, geography, and chemistry.

The project today includes not only classes for graduate students, but also lessons for schoolchildren in grades 6 to 9. They are taught by the best lecturers at the University.

Now the project brings together over 1,700 international students. The first class has already taken place, and judging by the feedback, our participants remain satisfied. And even more satisfied are the children’s parents, many of whom have watched all the lectures with interest.

Dmitry Ptyushkin, Director of the Language Testing Centre

Dmitry Ptyushkin also emphasised that the implementation of such remote projects during a pandemic is of prime importance for St Petersburg University activities. The transition of the teaching and learning process to online home-based education has affected the quality of classes only in a positive way. This academic year, the significantly increased demand for such projects has become evident. The University again is making advances and is putting in great efforts to provide a sound academic background for those who are really interested in it.

All recordings of classes are freely available. Click here to watch them.