An award ceremony has been held for the winners of the Mathematical Progression programme. It is a joint project of St Petersburg University and Gazprom Neft. 99 students and 4 researchers received scholarships and awards from the project to support young mathematicians.

matprogressiya nagrazhdenie

Since 2013, the Gazprom Neft ‘Home Towns’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) project has been a partner of the Chebyshev Laboratory of St Petersburg University. Since

2015, together with the laboratory, the All-Russian project ‘Mathematical Progression’ has been implemented to support talented youth.

Thanks to Gazprom Neft, a system for motivating talented mathematicians has been created.

As a result, talented schoolchildren are given an opportunity to study at St Petersburg University; the best students are awarded with personal scholarships; young researchers receive grants and internships; and research teams are provided with financial support for their research activities.

One of the 2020 winners is Aleksei Lvov, a first-year student at St Petersburg

University, who became the gold medallist of the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Among the first ‘graduates’ of the project is Aleksandr Logunov, who received a number of the most prestigious awards: the Clay Research Award by the Clay Mathematics Institute; the Salem Prize; an European Mathematical Society Prize; and the New Horizons Prize.

In 2019, with the participation of the ‘Home Towns’ project, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science was established at St Petersburg University on the basis of the Chebyshev Laboratory, and the master's programme ‘Advanced Mathematics’ was launched. In the near future, doctoral programmes will be opened. Also, a laboratory of industrial mathematics named after Leonid Kantorovich is being created together with the Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Centre. The Faculty takes an active part in the preparation of the International Congress of Mathematicians. It is the major event in the world of mathematics.

The development of the Mathematical Progression programme has logically led to the solution of applied problems. For example, scientists from the Chebyshev Laboratory, together with the Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Centre, are involved in the creation of mathematical models of deposits and in the Cognitive Geologist project.

The Fields Medal is the most prestigious international prize in mathematics. It is awarded every four years at the International Congress of the International Mathematical Union to young scientists under 40 years old.

‘For eight years, we have been developing a large programme in St Petersburg to support

Russian mathematics. We started with a joint project with our great friend, Fields medallist Stanislav Smirnov and his Chebyshev Mathematical Laboratory. Then, together with them, we launched a programme to support young mathematicians, which resulted in the establishment of a new faculty at the University. And now, together, we are already creating digital models of deposits and working on artificial intelligence projects. As a result, new opportunities for analytics help us find oil deposits that were previously inaccessible to traditional methods,’ commented Alexander Dybal, a member of the Gazprom Neft Management Board.

‘Most of our lecturers completed their postgraduate studies abroad or worked there, but have come back now. This is a landmark indicator both for the laboratory and for Russian science in general. In turn, we have become known abroad; well-known international scientists willingly come to us. In the master's programme, some of the courses are taught in English; we have many international students,’ said Stanislav Smirnov, a Fields medallist and academic supervisor of the Chebyshev Laboratory and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, St Petersburg University.

Thanks to the support of Gazprom Neft, the opportunities for international cooperation and the promotion of our achievements are growing from year to year.

Stanislav Smirnov, Academic Supervisor of the Chebyshev Laboratory and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, St Petersburg University

The 'Mathematical Progression’ project is a joint initiative from Gazprom Neft together with St Petersburg University, implemented through the Gazprom Neft ‘Home Towns’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) project. The key aim of this project is to support talented children from the regions, and young scientists and their research activities in applied and theoretical mathematics. Scholarship recipients are identified annually through a committee comprising members of the Chebyshev Laboratory and associate members of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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460 students received increased scholarships over these years. 31 doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers became Gazprom Neft prize winners. 82 young scientists completed their internships at leading mathematical schools in Russia and abroad. 30 awards in the field of mathematics were presented to students of the laboratory. More than 200 scientific lectures and conferences were held.

The Chebyshev Laboratory at St Petersburg University was established in 2010 as part of a Russian Government programme directed at the development of key areas in mathematical research, as well as supporting young academics. More than 200 courses and 2,350 seminars have been held through the centre for 10 years. In excess of 80 scientific schools and conferences and 270 visits of world-class researchers have been organised. The centre has also published more than 467 academic papers and two monographs.

The 'Home Towns’ project is the Gazprom Neft corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme. It is one of the most successful and well-known initiatives of Russian business throughout the regions in which the company has a presence. The project supports small volunteer events, city festivals and large international festivals. Whatever the scale of the event, all the programme projects address specific and unique challenges of the regions where Gazprom Neft has its business.