In 2020, St Petersburg University together with the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation held the largest competition in Russian as a foreign language to date. The 2nd International Online Olympiad in Russian as a Foreign Language brought together more than 9,500 devoted Russian language learners from 147 countries.

The participants in the Online Olympiad from all over the world had to complete several tasks to demonstrate their knowledge of the Russian language – first for the qualifying round, and then for the Olympiad finals. The COVID-19 crisis and all the pandemic-related changes were left aside. 9,500 contestants from Argentina to Japan took the opportunity to test themselves and the knowledge, skills and competences they had gained from their studies.

Olympiads are not only spectacular athletic competitions originated in ancient Greece, but also, and no less exciting, intellectual competitions. It is an amazing activity that allows everyone to test their knowledge and skills, and may the best win.

All the contestants performed well, but the competition for the prize awards was really intense. Only 940 people from 80 countries became finalists. The results of the Olympiad have already been published in the personal accounts on the website.

The best of the best not only will receive special prizes and gifts, but also the opportunity to take the international exam in Russian as a foreign language (TORFL) free of charge, and get the bonus points for admission to St Petersburg University.