Yehuda Shoenfeld, Head of the Laboratory of the Mosaic of Autoimmunity at St Petersburg University and founder and Head of the Zabludowicz Center for Autoimmune Diseases, has become President of Ariel University.

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Yehuda Shoenfeld is one of the world’s leading experts in the research, treatment and prevention of autoimmune diseases. He is Doctor of Medicine, Professor, founder and Head of the Zabludowicz Center for Autoimmune Diseases at the Chaim Sheba Medical Centre at Tel Aviv University, Israel. It was under his supervision that the Laboratory of the Mosaic of Autoimmunity was established in 2017 at St Petersburg University within the framework of the mega-grant programme of the Government of the Russian Federation for state support of scientific research.

The decision to appoint Professor Schoenfeld as the next President of the higher education institution was announced during the General Assembly of Ariel University. He will take over this position in June 2021, replacing Professor Yehuda Danon, who has held this honorary post for the last nine years.

I have come to the university and seen the shining eyes of its students and teachers. Our role today is to continue to develop Ariel University as an institution excelling in research and promoting regional partnership and peace.

Yehuda Shoenfeld, Professor at St Petersburg University

Ariel University was established in 1982 as a college located in the city of Ariel on the West Bank of the Jordan River. In 2012, it was granted the status of a university. In 2018, the School of Medicine was opened at the university. The total number of faculties today is 26. There are 479 researchers and academics who work here, as well as about 16,000 students. The university trains engineers, doctors, architects, communications officers, and experts on multimedia technologies. The university staff also carry out research in natural, social, health sciences and the humanities.