Participation in the start-up contest gives University students the opportunity to implement innovative developments that they create in collaboration with their colleagues from different academic fields. St Petersburg University highly appreciates the creative activity of students. If applicants have their own business project, it is taken into account when calculating points for the portfolio of an applicant entering the next stage of education.

The winners and prize-winners of the interdisciplinary student and doctoral projects ‘SPbU Start-up’ contest are awarded five points as an individual achievement. This is in accordance with the  Regulations for admission  to clinical residency programmes at St Petersburg University in 2021. Successful participation in the contest is also taken into account when applying to study for master's and doctoral programmes.

Additionally, since 2018, start-up projects of the current and previous year have been credited as graduation projects. Earlier projects are not credited due to the loss of relevance of the topic after two years. Students of the pre-graduation course who took part in the creation of innovation have the right to submit their business project to the examination committee at the state final assessment of graduates the following year.

Read an interview with Marina Lavrikova, Senior Vice-Rector for Academic Activities and Teaching Methods, to find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions of students about defending a start-up project as a graduation project.

The ‘SPbU Start-up’ contest is held with the support of the University Endowment Fund for the sixth time. This year it is being held remotely. In the final round on 27 May, eight teams will strive for victory, offering the expert jury practical and bright business ideas, including: the creation of a system for studying the composition of multicomponent chemical mixtures; a functional and inexpensive 3D bioprinter; an improved magnesium-sulphur battery; the development of a special geoinformation system for winemakers; and an Internet service with information about the activities of street artists and musicians. Following the selection results, two teams will receive 700,000 roubles and 1,000,000 roubles for establishing a small innovative enterprise jointly with St Petersburg University.