Today, mathematics and computer technologies underpin a wide range of areas of our life. This makes them so much in demand. Incredibly rapid development of new algorithms and information technologies requires more and more efforts of a researcher.   

St Petersburg University’s doctoral programmes in Computer and Information Sciences are specially designed for early-career researchers who have a great deal of enthusiasm to gain a deeper understanding of mathematics.

These programmes emphasise the bridges between education and research. The courses involve discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics, control system theory, mathematical programming, dynamical systems, and fundamentals of parallel computing technology to name but a few. Students do teaching practice and internships. There is a special emphasis on developing critical thinking and assessing today’s advances in science; research and creative algorithmic design; developing new science-driven and science-based software; and developing innovative technologies for industry. Doctoral students work under guidance of the world-renowned scientists. They use cutting-edge information technologies. The University provides material and technical resources to equip students with all necessary opportunities to gain success in research.

Graduates are expected to acquire skills of carrying out complex research projects, including interdisciplinary projects; new approaches to problem-solving; and wide-ranging knowledge of recent advances in science and technology. Apart from going on to further study, graduates can secure positions in IT, research, and higher education in Russia and worldwide.

‘Computer and Information Sciences’. St Petersburg University’s doctoral programmes:

The doctoral programmes are full-time. You can apply for scholarship and paid tuition places. The duration is three years.