Master’s studies are necessary for: in-depth study of competences of the future profession; mastering a new profession; developing theoretical and practical skills; or developing in an academic sphere.

Master’s programmes at St Petersburg University in physics give an opportunity to gain fundamental knowledge in physics, mathematics, applied mathematics, professional programming, and programming languages.

The academic programmes are aimed at training specialists in different fields: analytics, project work, innovation, executive management, research and development, and others. Individual educational trajectories make it possible to embrace specialised and interdisciplinary areas. Students master: foreign languages in professional communication; methods of R&D projects managing; the history of physics and applied mathematics; differential equations; databases in research; computer technologies; and other academic courses. From the very first days, students get involved into research, master necessary competencies as part of internships and teaching practice, learn how to experiment and create new technologies.

Special stipends are awarded for outstanding achievements in the educational area and research. Graduates of these programmes can successfully work in the industry, universities and R&D centres, production plants, and companies.

St Petersburg University master’s programmes in physics include:

There are scholarship and paid tuition places. These are full-time and two-year courses.